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Open Run

Jul 27, 2015

Jesse and Stefan get their pal Dave Hartley (of The War on Drugs and Nightlands) back on the line to discuss everything the offseason has to offer: the NBA Players Awards, Summer League ball and Knicks neophyte Kristaps Porzingis. And yes, there is a strong nickname in play for Porzingis, in case you were wondering.


Jul 13, 2015

Jesse and Stefan get Jesse's old pal and NBA wiz Jeremiah Jackson on the horn to break down all the madness of NBA free agency Y2K15 including, of course, #DeAndreGate.

Jul 1, 2015

Your boys toss around the scuttlebutt & kick the ball around with ESPN analyst Marc Stein & Matthew Dellavedova of the Cleveland Cavaliers a.k.a. Mr. Dellvedere himself!