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Open Run

Jul 27, 2017

Former Milwaukee Buck and Cleveland Cavalier Larry Sanders joins the show to talk about why he first stepped away from the NBA, his decision to join the Cavs this past spring, and why he wasn't actually all that surprised by Kyrie Irving's trade request.

Jul 19, 2017

Carmelo Anthony wants to leave the Knicks and join the Rockets, but can the two teams actually make that happen? Does Lonzo Ball's Summer League MVP win mean he's going to turn the NBA into the BBA? And then: a story about a man ripping off NBA players by masquerading as Adele's manager inspires Stefan to share his...

Jul 12, 2017

The guys return from vacation to answer this, and other pressing questions! Will Paul George end up on the Lakers? Will LeBron join him there? Will Melo soon be a Houston resident? Are we going to do color commentary at a Lakers practice soon?!

Jul 1, 2017

Well, it's safe to say we didn't see this trade coming: Paul George is joining reigning MVP Russell Westbrook on the Oklahoma City Thunder! Moments after the news broke, Jesse and Stefan got Open Run's OKC correspondent Garrett Colton on the phone to see how people are feeling in Oklahoma City, a.k.a. Action City, and...